Hexagon Socket Head Bolt

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Bolts are a form of threaded fasteners with external male threads. Therefore, bolts are closely related to screws and are often confused with screws.
The hexagon socket head bolt is a cap screw with a hexagon head, designed to be driven by a wrench (wrench). Cap screws that comply with ASME B18.6.3 have stricter tolerances on head height and shank length than hexagonal bolts. The nature of the tolerance difference makes ASME B18.6.3 hex bolts always suitable for installation of hex bolts, but hex bolts may be too large to be used in the design of hex bolts.
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Product Details

Executive standardGB70.1、ANSI B18.6.3
Product specificationsMetric M8-M48,UN1/4-4
Material/ Grade4.8, 8.8, 10.9, 12.9, 35#, 35CrMo, B16, A193 Gr.B7, A193 Gr.B7M, A193 Gr.B8, A193 Gr.B8M, A320 Gr.L7, A320 Gr.L7M, A2 (304) series, A4 (316) series, 660 series F51, F53 F55 nickel-based alloy materials, etc.
Product manual

Products are used in petrochemical, engineering, chemical, mechanical, nuclear power and other fields.

The surface treatment of the product includes: PTFE (Teflon), nickel plating (Ni), galvanized passivation, galvanized nickel, Dacromet, cadmium plating, etc. It can adapt to different corrosive environments. .