Hex bolts

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Zhejiang Weigao Bolt Factory is a professional industrial bolt factory with more than ten years of production and management experience in the fields of fasteners, CNC, stamping parts and various hardware parts.

We not only passed the ISO9001 quality certification system, but also adopted the process quality management system, not only to provide you with high-quality products, but also to be your supplier of industrial fastener solutions;

We can provide customers with good solutions in terms of production design, production process, packaging and after-sales service. Customer satisfaction is our only pursuit

The size and material of hex bolts can be customized according to your specific needs.

Product Details

Executive standardGB5782、GB5783、HG20613、HG20634、SH3404、ASME B18.2.1、ASME B18.2.6、ASME B18.2.3.1M、ASME B18.2.3.5M、ASME B18.2.3.6M、ASME B18.2.3.7M
Product specificationsMetric M8-M48,UN1/4-4
Material/Grade4.8, 8.8, 10.9, 12.9, 35#, 35CrMo, B16, A193 Gr.B7, A193 Gr.B7M, A193 Gr.B8, A193 Gr.B8M, A320 Gr.L7, A320 Gr.L7M, A2 (304) series, A4 (316) series, 660 series F51, F53 F55 nickel-based alloy materials, etc.
Product manual

Products are used in petrochemical, engineering, chemical, mechanical, nuclear power and other fields.

The surface treatment of the product includes: PTFE (Teflon), nickel plating (Ni), galvanized passivation, galvanized nickel, Dacromet, cadmium plating, etc. It can adapt to different corrosive environments. .