Processing Quality And Protection Of Friction Surface Of China Fasteners


China fasteners For the steel structure connected by China fasteners, it must first pay attention to the proce···

China fasteners For the steel structure connected by China fasteners, it must first pay attention to the processing quality of the friction surface of China fasteners and the protection before installation. The friction surface of China fasteners is tested for anti-slip coefficient.

  Before installing the friction of China fasteners, the steel structure installation unit must protect the friction surface well to prevent pollution and rust. And before the installation, the anti-slip coefficient test of the friction surface of China fasteners is carried out, the factory certificate and batch number of China fasteners are checked, and the axial force test of China fasteners with different batch numbers is regularly drawn.

  Strictly control and inspect the installation process of China fasteners, including operation sequence, installation method, tightening sequence, initial tightening, and final tightening, and the torque wrench for tightening the bolts should be calibrated.

  China fasteners are high-strength bolts, which are standard parts.

  China fasteners are mainly used in steel structure engineering to connect the connection points of steel structure steel plates.

  China fasteners are divided into twist-cut type China fasteners and big hexagonal China fasteners, big hexagonal China fasteners belong to the high-strength level of ordinary screws, and twist-cut type China fasteners are improved types of big hexagonal China fasteners, for better construction.

  The construction of China fasteners must be first tightened and then finally tightened. For the initial tightening of China fasteners, an impact-type electric wrench or a torque-adjustable electric wrench is required; while the final tightening of China fasteners has strict requirements, the final tightening of the torsion shear-type China fasteners must use torsion shears Type electric wrench, final tightening torque type China fasteners must use torque type electric wrench.

  Large hexagon strong bolts consist of one bolt, one nut, and two washers.

  Torsional shear-type China fasteners consist of a bolt, a nut, and a washer.

  Relevant parameters of chemical bolts

  Drilling depth: The required drilling depth is determined by the type and size of the anchor. With few exceptions, it is generally greater than the anchoring depth. When drilling, the control of drilling depth is particularly important. Drilling is very convenient if you use a drilling rig that matches the corresponding manufacturer's anchor bolt and has an automatically guaranteed hole depth.