What Are The Construction Preparations For Hexagon Flange Bolt?


What are the steps ofhexagon flange boltconstruction preparation:1. Before the construction of the hexagon fla···

What are the steps of hexagon flange bolt construction preparation:

  1. Before the construction of the hexagon flange bolt, the preparation work for each process should be made according to the process;

  2. The materials and machinery parts required during construction should meet the requirements of the process regulations;

  3. To carry out pre-job training, let the staff be familiar with the characteristics of high-strength bolts and what should be paid attention to when working;

  4. The torque wrench and other parts should be inspected before construction.

  What is the method of operation?

  1. The type, specifications, and technical conditions of the large hexagonal high-strength bolt connection should meet the design requirements and national standards, and the bolt manufacturer should also issue a certificate of conformity;

  2. The storage and transportation of bolts should comply with the following regulations;

  (1) The storage place of the hexagon flange bolt should be in a moisture-proof, rain-proof, and dust-proof place, and it should be classified and stored according to the type and specifications;

  (2) When holding bolts, handle with care to avoid impact, damage to the package, and damage to the threads of the bolts;

  (3) For long-term storage or improper storage of bolts that may cause rust and contamination of the bolts to change the torque coefficient of the bolts, cleaning, rust removal and lubrication should be carried out according to the actual situation, and the torque coefficient of the bolts should be adjusted if necessary. Or the pre-tension test can be used after passing the test;

  The test of hexagon flange bolt at the connection site should meet the following requirements:

  1. In the work of each unit, before making a section of the installation, the anti-slip coefficient of the connecting surface should be tested repeatedly according to the combination of the steel number of each component and the century of the surface treatment process;

  2. The number of groups in each test is three groups; the construction can only be carried out if the results meet the requirements of the standard.