Why Does A Full Threaded Stud Become Loose After A Long Time?


After the full threaded stud is tightened, it will be loose for a long time. What is the solution?1. The origi···

After the full threaded stud is tightened, it will be loose for a long time. What is the solution?

  1. The original reason for the long-term loosening is: usually vibration occurs during the working process, and the working pressure is also changed, which may cause the screw thread to deform and cause the change of the pre-tightening force. Cause the full threaded stud to loosen.

  2. Solution: The usual full threaded stud has a self-locking function. Generally, it will not loosen under the action of static load. Generally, a pre-tightened spring washer is added to ensure the tightening state. Easy to loosen.

  3. Expanded answer:

  (1) Apply the full threaded stud glue to effectively bond the full threaded stud to prevent loosening.

  (2) Spring washers are used to increase the contact pressure, thereby increasing friction and preventing looseness.

  (3) Regularly check if there is any looseness, tighten it in time.

  How to deal with full threaded stud often loose

  The main reason is that the full threaded stud is loosened due to vibration, and it is necessary to find a way to find out what caused the vibration.

  1. The coupling on the motor shaft is not aligned with the coupling on the reducer.

  2 The coupling and the shaft are too loose or the key is rolled.

  3 There are problems with the reducer itself, such as broken bearings, poor gear meshing, or load vibration.

  Find the source of vibration and eliminate it.

  If it still doesn't work, you can wear a cap or put the full threaded stud and bolt through the pin in a blink of an eye. You can also add thread glue or sealant to try.