How Does A Full Threaded Stud Prevent Corrosion?


Since the full threaded stud is made of metal materials, it will naturally rust due to the influence of extern···

      Since the full threaded stud is made of metal materials, it will naturally rust due to the influence of external corrosive gases or liquids. The problem of anti-corrosion is a topic that many bolt manufacturers are very concerned about. How should this kind of bolts be anti-corrosion?

  The anti-corrosion method of full threaded stud mainly has four aspects: that is, the application of the natural environment, the characteristics of raw materials, the interface between data information and the environment, and the improvement of the structure of the metal.

  If the bolt is made of corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy material, it is very difficult to distinguish its appearance from the environmental factors that cause corrosion.

  If the bolts can achieve the purpose of anti-corrosion by improving the metal structure, it is necessary to change the production standards of the bolts. In many cases, the design method of the bolts cannot be adjusted accordingly, so the anti-corrosion effect of this method is not ideal.

  To effectively solve the problem of anti-corrosion of bolts, the most commonly used method is to carry out anti-corrosion on the surface of the bolt, that is, external anti-corrosion.

  External anti-corrosion of bolts mainly refers to the use of various methods to maintain and maintain the surface of metal materials, to isolate the metal surface from the corrosive natural environment, to prevent metal corrosion, or to reduce the contact between the metal surface and rich substances. Mitigates corrosion on metal surfaces.

  If the full threaded stud wants to achieve a good anti-corrosion effect, it should meet the following requirements:

  1. It has strong corrosion resistance and wear resistance, and has high toughness.

  2. The structure should be close and meet the requirements of the porous structure.

  3. The metal fusion of the base material is better.

  There are two anti-corrosion methods for full threaded stud used by manufacturers, one is a metal coating, and the other is non-metallic coating. The former is widely used. It uses corrosion-resistant metal to form a maintenance coating on the surface of the bolt, such as on the surface. electroplating.